TQCM Assembly

Easy-to-use thermoelectric control


Many contamination test protocols typically require a working temperature range between -20°C and +80°C. The TQCM offers an easy way to cover this range without the need for liquid or gas cooling loops inside your vacuum chamber.

The TQCM uses a solid state thermoelectric device (heat pump) in the sensor to control temperature with a ΔT of ±70°C. By mounting the sensor heat sink to a thermally conductive bracket inside your vacuum chamber, waste heat can be dissipated to outside ambient air through the chamber wall without the need for a cooling loop.

To achieve the minimum low end temperature range of -59°C, active cooling is needed to provide adequate heat sinking for waste heat dissipation.

The TQCM Assembly consists of three main components: the 56S/T Sensor, 46E/T Electronics, and 106CA Heat Sink. These parts may be purchased separately as spare or replacement parts.


Temperature range -59°C – 100°C
Temperature control Thermoelectric cooling and heating (±70°C range)
Temperature measurement uncertainty ±0.5°C
Mass sensitivity 1.96 × 10-9 g/cm2 Hz
Crystal frequency 15, 16, or 16.8 MHz
Frequency measurement uncertainty ±1 Hz
Mass 0.51 lb (230 g)
Sensor field of view angle 140°
Sensor aperture diameter 0.250”


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