66TR Controller

User interface to operate TQCM or CQCM


The 66TR Controller is required to operate the TQCM and CQCM. It provides power and temperature control to the QCM and processes frequency data.

The 66TR Controller can be connected to a computer to control a QCM with CrystalTek software, as well as display and record data. The 66TR Controller can be controlled via buttons on the front panel or via the computer simultaneously. LED displays on the front panel show the temperature set point, current temperature and current frequency of the QCM. The back of the controller has an RS-232 port for connecting to a computer, a BNC port for analog frequency signal, and a QCM cable connector.

The controller comes standard with a 6ft cable to connect to the QCM. Vacuum feedthrough integration is available.


Dimensions Standard 1U 19” rackmount
Weight 8 lb
Connectors QCM Cable Connector - 10 Pin Amphenol MS3102A18-1P
RS-232 9 Pin D-sub Data Port
BNC Analog Frequency Output
Temperature set resolution 1°C
Temperature display resolution 0.1°C
Frequency display resolution 1 Hz


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