CQCM Assembly

For demanding cryogenic applications


Some test protocols require contamination measurements to be made at cryogenic temperatures, such as satellite IR payloads and ASTM E 1559 materials testing. In this case, an active LN2 cooling loop supplied by the user acts as the low end temperature source for the CQCM.

The sensor uses a resistive heating element to control temperature, with a ΔT of +200°C above its ambient source temperature. A thermally isolated electronics package with internal heater allows for operation at cryogenic temperatures.

The CQCM Assembly consists of three main components: the 36S/C Sensor, 26E/C Electronics, and 106CA Heat Sink. These parts may be purchased separately as spare or replacement parts.


Temperature range -199°C – 100°C
Temperature control Cryogenic cooling (user supplied) and resistive heating (+200°C range)
Temperature measurement uncertainty ±0.5°C
Mass sensitivity 1.96 × 10-9 g/cm2 Hz
Crystal frequency 15, 16, or 16.8 MHz
Frequency measurement uncertainty ±1 Hz
Mass 0.51 lb (230 g)
Sensor field of view angle 140°
Sensor aperture diameter 0.250”


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