Quartz Crystal Microbalances

CrystalTek produces its own line of high quality contamination measurement instruments in San Diego, California.

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TQCM Assembly

Easy-to-use thermoelectric control

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CQCM Assembly

For demanding cryogenic applications

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66TR Controller

User interface to operate TQCM or CQCM

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CrystalTek provides complete TQCM and CQCM contamination monitoring systems and components for short or long term rental periods.


CrystalTek offers a 1-year parts and labor warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. We also provide service for out of warranty products, including replacement 15MHz crystal sets and controller calibration.

Legacy Support

CrystalTek provides repair and calibration services for the Faraday Laboratories line of TQCM and CQCM products. This includes the 99DET series controller, and the 80 and 99 series sensors and electronics. In addition, CrystalTek provides replacement 15MHz crystal sets for any of the Faraday Laboratories sensors.


For any questions or sales inquiries about our QCM systems, please contact us directly.

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